Beautiful Historic Properties For Sale in France

These are our spectacular chateau listings. Make one of these beautiful properties your new home in the French countryside with prices from 250,000 to 7,000,000+ there is a beautiful chateau or manoir for everyone.


Chateau Dinard (EG103) €POR (20 rooms, 15 b'rooms, 1ha)

A Spectacular Location!!!


Chateau St Malo (EG19) €3,150,000 (24 rooms, 15 b'rooms, 26.26 hectares)

A Very Special Property in Need of Love & Attention

Chateau St Malo - Rear View

Chateau St Malo - Idyllic Location


Chateau Milly la Floret (CB9) €5,980,000 (43 rooms, 32 b'rooms, 18 hectares)

Very Special Property


Chateau Near Paris (CB1) €2,999,000 (30 rooms, 25 b'rooms, 7ha)

Chateau Near Paris


Chateau Fontainbleau (CB2) €2,950,000 (30 rooms, 21 b'rooms, 2ha)

Spectacular Architecture


Chateau Cormeilles (B26) €2,520,000 (18 rooms, 12 b'rooms, 6.9ha)

Chateau Cormeilles

Chateau Cormeilles

Chateau Cormeilles


Chateau Angers (B28) €2,500,000 (30 rooms, 20 b'rooms, 11ha)

Spectacular Chateau

Chateau Angers

Chateau Angers Special Chapel


Chateau Le Bourge D'ire (CI1) €3,800,000 (60 rooms, 19 b'rooms, 10.5ha)


Chateau Le Bourge D'ire

Chateau Le Bourge D'ire


Chateau Bordeaux (PB82) €7,504,000 (20 rooms, 15 b'rooms, 77ha)

Spectacular 17th Century Building with a 17ha Vineyard

Chateau Bordeaux

Chateau Bordeaux

Chateau Bordeaux - Still in the 18th Century

Chateau Bordeaux


Chateau Le Mans (B31) €2,310,000 (22 rooms, 15 b'rooms, 21ha)

Chateau Le Mans




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