Living in France

France is the #1 tourist destination in the world with 90 million tourists visiting every year.

The reasons for this success are many: the richness of our cultural and natural heritage, the variety of our regions and our gastronomy. It is also Paris which attracts with the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, its Operas and its royal past. Few countries have such a complete range of leisure activities to offer visitors. Our ski resorts are equal to the ones of Austria, the Mediterranean beaches of the French Riviera are legendary, and you can surf on the Atlantic coast. There are castles to visit, D Day beaches in Normandy, vineyards where you can taste some of the most famous wines of the world and beautiful French chateaus to see and stay in - France has it all.

Visit Paris


Visit the Eifel Tower


Visit the Palace de Versailles


Visit the French Countryside - The Dordogne


Visit Peillon

Visit Saint-Cirq Lapopie

Visit Beautiful French Villages

Visit Historic Sites & Monuments

Visit Mont St Michel

Visit the Basilica of St Therese in Lisieux

Visit Lourdes

Explore Medieval Villages - Rouen

Visit Menton on the French Riviera

Visit French Wineries

Taste the Wine and Cheese


Stay in a French Chateau

Have a Coffee in a Cafe

Decisions! Decisions!


Don't Just Visit - Live in France!

Buy a Chateau!!!!

Buy a Manoir in a Beautiful French Village!!!

French Departments

For many, France is the Most Beautiful Country in the World

The beautiful country chateaus, France's laid back way of life, famed cuisine, favourable climate, rich culture and buoyant holiday rental market make it one of the most popular choices for British and overseas investors looking for property abroad.

With so many regions to choose from, France attracts buyers from all walks of life, families looking for open space, couples seeking warmer climate in retirement or professionals seeking a ‘lock up & go’ holiday home in a lively location.

For most of our clients, buying their property in France is about securing a sound investment with a safe buying process, while enjoying their new lifestyle for years to come. Whatever your motivation for buying property in France, this essential guide contains all the important information you need plus useful insider tips from our team of French property experts.

Our 5 Top Tips

• Work out your preferred area and budget
• Do your house hunting homework, it's important
• Be realistic about your requirements and expectations
• French properties do sell, secure yours by making an offer

The scenery, the chateaus, this diversity is what makes France a unique country with an unrivalled variety of choices, catering for all individual tastes. Each region is divided into a number of different 'departments' or small counties. There are 96 departments in continental France that are identified by their first two numbers and used for administrative and postcode purposes.

The Key To Your French Dream

By working with us, you’ve got the best chance of finding and buying the perfect French property and fulfilling your dreams.

We offer assistance to house hunters and investors wishing to successfully find and purchase their dream property in France. Selling French houses since 2004, we are a family run independent company whose aim is to make the process of buying a French property as smooth as possible.

We strive to constantly improve the user experience and our services to French property buyers and sellers. We are members of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) and are committed to providing the best level of service to all our international clients.

From your initial enquiry through to viewings and the purchase of your French property, together with our bilingual french estate agents we ensure that all aspects of your property search and purchase run as smoothly as possible.

After discussing your requirements and suitable dates, we will start making viewing arrangements with our agents immobiliers who’s local knowledge and expertise is second to none.

All prices of properties listed on our website include the French estate agents fees, you do not pay anything extra for the comprehensive service we provide.

Key Benefits You Will Enjoy

For your move to France, first you'll need to apply for a tourist visa through your country's French embassy. Then, once you have a tourist visa, you can live in France for up to a year. Before your tourist visa expires, you can apply for a one-year permit to live in France, which you can renew on a yearly basis.

A Great Lifestyle in France

Slower pace of life

The French generally enjoy one- to two-hour lunches every day, as well as ample coffee breaks. Most stores close during lunch, between 6pm and 7pm in the evening, and all day on Sunday. While this can be frustrating for expats used to living a fast-paced life, it doesn’t take long to adjust to the slower rhythm. Great importance is placed on family, and new arrivals will soon enjoy spending Sundays with loved ones at home.


France is known for being a country with one of the highest numbers of paid vacation days in the world. Schools enjoy a week-long holiday every six or seven weeks, which allows families to enjoy a break together. Expats should keep in mind that most of the country take their vacation during the same period in mid-July, and planning ahead is a necessity.

Accessible and convenient urban transportation

Most cities offer a comprehensive bus, metro or tram system at very reasonable prices. France also has a number of regional airports and train stations to help expats travel within Europe.

Expats relocating to rural France should note that they will likely need a car. A bus may go to a neighbouring city once or twice a day, but, for the most part, a vehicle will be required for getting around the French countryside.

Fresh food and great wine

Every big city, small town or country village will have a regular fresh goods market. Most neighbourhoods have a local boulangerie which sells fresh bread as well as a butcher, cheese store or small grocery. France is known for its strict food regulations, which translates into an extensive range of fresh and tasty nutritional options.

Furthermore, good wine is also an integral part of French life. Both lunch and dinner normally include a glass of wine or a bottle shared among friends. Local wineries and grocery stores offer a variety of excellent wines at a range of prices.

Kids in France

Most schools in France start between 8.30am and 9am, end between 4.30pm and 5pm, and offer 90-minute to two-hour lunches.

French tax rates for 2020 income

Tax rate
€9,964 to €25,405
€25,405 to €72,643
€72,643 to €156,244
€156,244 >






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